[vtkusers] Getting vtkProgrammableGlyphFilter to work with C++

Nathan Smith nsmith5 at gl.umbc.edu
Fri Oct 18 00:05:23 EDT 2002


I'm trying to get the SetGlypherMethod to work with c++-style function
pointers, although it requires a c-style function pointer. Has anyone
found a workaround for this? The first solution I thought of was to create
a c wrapper for the c++ call, but is there any way to get back to the
correct c++ object through information in the void * argument? I'm not
sure if anything useful is passed in it (documentation for it is really
bad). Anyway, here is the standard compiler error for this type of

....:77: no matching function for call to
'vtkProgrammableGlyphFilter::SetGlyphMethod (void *
(vtkIVTKGlypher::*)(void *))'
.....:87: candidates are: void
vtkProgrammableGlyphFilter::SetGlyphMethod(void (*)(void *), void*)

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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