[vtkusers] vtkCarbonRenderWindow and existing PowerPlant windows

James Dessart james at rogue-research.com
Thu Oct 17 11:14:35 EDT 2002

Now, I'm not entirely clear on the functioning of vtkCarbonRenderWindow,
but I thought this would work:

	mVTKRenderWindow =

	if( !mVTKRenderWindow ) return;

	CalcPortFrameRect( mBufferRect );

	mVTKRenderWindow->SetParentId( FindViewWindow() );
	mVTKRenderWindow->SetWindowInfo( FindViewWindow() );


	mVTKRenderWindow->SetPosition( mFrameLocation.h, mFrameLocation.v
	mVTKRenderWindow->SetSize( mFrameSize.width, mFrameSize.height );

After that, I go and set up things in the usual VTK way, adding a renderer
to the render window, and such.

This project is PowerPlant based, but this shouldn't make too much of a
difference.  My next step will be to try it without PowerPlant, but here
are my problems right now...

The application starts up fine, it renders the image properly, and then as
soon as it gets brought to the front, it crashes.  It's crashing on the
Carbon function MacGetNextWindow, which is called after the application
receives a Resume event.  I'm still looking it up, but does anyone have a
clue, before I go too deep into this?


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