[vtkusers] vtkHandleMEssage2

Gopalakrishnan, Gowri Gowri.Gopalakrishnan at inteq.com
Thu Oct 17 06:35:29 EDT 2002

Three thoughts on this :

First, if in your main or somewhere you specify that
CInterface3DView::winproc is the winproc then all your events will go
through that winproc. On the other hand if you had two winprocs one for the
vtk window and one for the rest then it would go to the appropriate
winprocs. If you don't give two then all will go through one.

Second thing to check is the question of window handle. If do
setParentId(hwnd) in vtk and not setWindowId(hwnd).Normally if the window
handle is set properly then you don't need two winprocs. 

Lastly there is a tool that comes with visual studio called spy++ keep this
running while you are running your application, then you can see on this spy
window the origin of your events and exactly which window gets this event

Let me know if you need more help / tests....


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