[vtkusers] Please fix this vtkOpenGLCamera bug.

Moreland, Kenneth kmorel at sandia.gov
Wed Oct 16 14:28:53 EDT 2002

According to the CVS log, on January 24, 2002 Ken Martin changed a line
vtkOpenGLCamera from




This effectively throws away the aspect computed by the renderer and
replaces it with a brash approximation with pixel sizes.  I am currently
trying to use a custom renderer that has an aspect ratio that is often very
different from the image dimension ratios.  The renderer returns an
appropriate aspect in its GetAspect method, but the camera is ignoring it.

Could someone PLEASE change the vtkOpenGLCamera::Render method back so that
it no longer trashes the correct aspect ratio.


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    ***      Sandia National Laboratories
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    ***      fax:   (505) 844-9297
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