[vtkusers] vtkSpatialRepresentationFilter.SetInput problem

Surajit Nundy nundys at neuro.duke.edu
Fri Oct 11 15:09:26 EDT 2002

	I have a strange problem using the 
vtkSpatialRepresentationFilter.SetInput method.  When I pass it a 
vtkPolyData object in Java (with say vtkConeSource.GetOutput), it works 
fine.  However, when i use it in C++, it complains saying it needs a 
vtkDataSet object (which seems to be verified in the documentation).  I 
can't seem to figure out how to convert a vtkConeSource output (or any 
other kind of such object) into vtkDataSet form, is there such a filter?

Surajit Nundy

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