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Gopalakrishnan, Gowri Gowri.Gopalakrishnan at inteq.com
Fri Oct 11 11:47:10 EDT 2002


            Hi All and particulary vtk support/development group


            I have posted few remarks in this group before about the vrml
importer and exporter. Many people have also asked about various related
issues regarding    

            vrml importer/exporter


            To name a few in the exporter


1.      if you draw a cube and make it wireframe then the vrmlexporter
exports a solid cube. So if you had something inside the cube it is not
shown in wrl file

2.      Various color problems in the exporter

3.      The whole scene being somewhere in cosmo player. It takes random
rotation, zoom etc to find the scene on the vrml file.......


I would  like to know if possible from the  kitware team  if any of this is
reviewed for correction. I have checked vtk3.* version and vtk4.0 and the
problems remain.....

it would be very helpful if someone could give me a feed back on this issue,
because I would finally like to decide if my application (which is based on

can export to vrml.  It would be a nice feature to have in an application
but if I know kitware's priority on this class it would be helpful for me to


Thank you very much in advance for your reply.  If there is an official
channel to submit this issue please let me know..... 






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