[vtkusers] VTK 4.0 with VolumePro support on Linux

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You just need to switch to the vtkVolumeProMapper from the
vtkVolumeRayCastMapper. If you built tcl wrapping I can send you a short volProt

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Hi VolumePro board users !
I got VTK 4.0 now compiled (with volumePro 1000 support).
The trick was that I inserted a "#inlcude" line in
./Rendering/vtkVolumeProMapper.h  :
#include <vli3/include/vli.h>
Which as I thing resolved a "namespace' issue that got introduced with a
recent change
 in the VolumePro source.

BUT: now, how do I get e.g. the "volProt" sample program to use my board ?
Is there environment variable to be set ?  Or does it maybe not work because
 perspective projection  while the board only supports orthogonal !?


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> Hi Folks,
> I'm trying to get started with VTK !
> We have a VolPro1000 board - so I got the VTK source , ccmake and turned
> VolPro1000 option on.
> I had to create a directory named 'vli3'  and under that a directory
> 'include'
> to put the header file 'vtk3.h'  into that . So finally I told ccmake that
> my header file is in
> '/jws18/lehuaStuff/vli3/include/'
> When I do a make I get ( maybe after 30 min. or so)
> these compiler errors complaining about e.g. VLIContext defined both in a
> VTK-header file and in the vli3.h file which came with the VolumePro1000
> board. :

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