[vtkusers] MayaVi - more modules !? volume rendering

Sebastian Haase haase at msg.ucsf.edu
Thu Oct 10 12:59:44 EDT 2002

Hi all,
Hi Prabhu !

I'm working here in the Macromolecular Structure Group at UCSF (San
and I recently discovered MayaVI -  Very nice program !!
Since our data sets (optical and electronical microscopy data stacks) are
rather "fuzzy"
we would prefer volume rendering over surface rendering.
1) Are there new modules being implemented for mayavi ? Maybe "Volume
Rendering" ;-)
    I read the documentation for mayavi and thought it shouldn't be that
hard to convert e.g. the
    iso-surface module into a volume rendering module, since VTK supports
both equally well, right?
2) I'm just curious how the "scalar cut plane" is implemented? Doesn't it
convert the viewed data into
    a 2D-texture and is therefore an "identical" view of what a "standard"
z-section view looks like
    (if the cut-plane is perpendicular to the z-axis, of course) ?
3) How do I change the used look-up table?  I realized that a vtk-file
contains a line that reads
    "LOOKUP_TABLE default" - what else is there besides "default" ?
     Also the mayavi example directory contains a ".lut" file - how do I use

Thanks again for the nice work?

Sebastian Haase

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