[vtkusers] vtkPointLocator & Collision avoidance

Mysore Siddu siddumd at yahoo.co.in
Thu Oct 10 09:17:53 EDT 2002

 Hi vtk Users,

 I have two questions:


1.      From cellLocator->IntersectWithLine I compute the intersection point and its cellID on the STL file. Now I want to find all the points within a radius around the intersection point. I tried using vtkPointLocator::FindPointsWithinRadius(radius, point, vtkIdList *result) But I was not successful with the following code:

                  float p1[] = {2.0, 1.0, 3.0};

float rad = 2.0;

vtkIdList *res;

// Build a locator 

vtkPointLocator *pointLocator = vtkPointLocator::New();




 I don’t know where I am goofing up the code. As soon as Execute I am getting error as ”Memory can’t be assigned error” I debugged the code it is stopping at  vtkIdList.h // Description:

// Reset to an empty state.

void Reset() {this->NumberOfIds = 0;};




2.      Is there any vtk class, which I can use for collision avoidance? Basically I have two STL files and I want to check the collision around a particular point.


Any Help in this regard is very well appreciated.

 Best Regards


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