[vtkusers] Re: vtkPointPicker - position identification problem

Jeremy Winston winston at cat.rpi.edu
Wed Oct 9 10:02:40 EDT 2002

George Kamucha wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks a lot for testing the code. Now that it works in your system and not in
> mine, I am left even more confused. All my hairs are now gone.
> I have written the same code in tcl and it works fine and so I think it is not a
> problem with hardware (I have a Matrox Millenium G400 graphic card). But I need
> the code in C++ for compatibility with the inferfacing program based on QT. Is
> it my vtk which is not in order (I use vtk 3.1)? Any suggestion would  be highly
> appreciated.

    Are you using the latest driver for your graphics card? (See
http://www.matrox.com/mga/support/drivers/latest/home.cfm )

I had a rendering problem a couple of months ago that was solved
by updating my graphics driver, as did another reader of this list.


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