[vtkusers] Compilation problems on solaris

tony.gill at csiro.au tony.gill at csiro.au
Wed Oct 9 02:52:11 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I've tried to compile vtk on solaris. The compilation generates warnings of
the following type:

"/VTK/Common/vtkDataArray.cxx", Line 655: Warning (Anachronism): "static" is
not allowed and is being ignored.

This warning message is a result of running the following compilation
CC -I/VTK/Common -I/VTK/vtkRendering etc etc -c VTK/Common/vtkDataArray.cxx
-o vtkDataArray.o

The compilation process does not stop, but the ignored lines cause problems
when programs get linked. i.e. the appropriate methods cannot be found.

Does anyone know of a fix to or the cause of this problem.

Many Thanks


Tony Gill
Applications Programmer - 3D Visualisation
CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining
1 Technology Ct
Pullenvale QLD Australia 4069
PO Box 883
Kenmore QLD Australia 4069

email: tony.gill at csiro.au

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