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I suspect these are color images and you might want to try to extract the
luminance (vtkImageLuminance) before rendering....john

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Hi VTK jpeg and tiff file reader people,

I have a stack of images as .jpg or .tif files
which I want to volume render (texture map or ray trace)
When I use vtkTIFFReader or vtkJPEGReader in a python script as show
no matter how I play with the opacity transfer and colour transfer
the volume rendered data looks garbled and in little rectangular
chunks, and weird layers,
instead of the shape of a cell which am expecting.

my files are 102x119 pixels and there are 20 slices with files
numbered 001-020.

I can't find any examples in the mailing list or example scripts
of how to use vtkTIFFReader or vtkJPEGReader properly.......

What am I doing wrong?



# Data reader
reader = vtkJPEGReader ()
reader.SetDataExtent(0,101,0,118,001,020)   # 1,20 works too
reader.SetDataByteOrderToBigEndian      # tiff files are from PC,
jpeg from linux, but seems to make no difference if big or little
endian is set
#reader.SetDataMask(0x7fff) # what does this do, gives error, do I
need it?

dan at chalkie.org.uk

Daniel James White PhD.
Cell Biology
Department of Biological and Environmental Science
University of Jyväskylä

+358 (0)14 260 4183 (office)

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