[vtkusers] Polygon from a mask?

Robb Brown brownr at ucalgary.ca
Fri Oct 4 18:22:11 EDT 2002

I have a raw file that contains a mask -- 1 for inside, 0 for 
outside.  I'd like to generate a vtkPolyData from this data.

Right now I'm importing the raw file into a vtkImageData and using a 
contouring filter to convert it to vtkPolyData.  The problem is, the 
volume is not preserved.  Using vtkMarchingCubes() the poly's volume 
is too small and with vtkImageMarchingCubes, it is too big (compared 
to the volume indicated by the mask).

Is there a way to generate polygon data from a mask the preserves the volume?


Robb Brown
Seaman Family MR Research Centre
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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