[vtkusers] multiple views (mfc), looking for an example...

christoph e9625803 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Oct 2 11:55:56 EDT 2002

Dear vtk-users!

For my "CAD-like" application I need serveral (4) views (front, top, left,
perspective)  of the same set of actors.
I am new to VTK, so I first modified the "...GUI\Win32\SampleMFC" and added
a CSplitterWnd to the childframe.

The behavior of this was little strange: in some panes (of the splitterwnd)
the actors were not rendered.
I read the mailinglist and noticed that each renderwindow needs his own
actors and mappers.

So I rewrote the mfcsample and added an actor and a mapper to each view
sharing the same "vtkPolyData" as input.
Now erverything works fine until I maximize the CChildFrame:
If I use the Inteactor of  the bottom-left pane, the renderd scene is
displayed in the top-right pane.
(ImmediateModeRenderingOn() had no effect on this)

(I am using vtk 4.0 and WIN98)

Can anybody tell me what is going wrong, or is there an example of how
to use splitterwindows or multiple views with VTK?

Thank you in advance,


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