[vtkusers] About the Solid CAD File Output.

#YAN RI AN# PS7278514B at ntu.edu.sg
Wed Oct 2 04:54:10 EDT 2002

Dear VTK- Users:
I want to export the Solid *.stl Format file for the Rapid Prototyping Technology.
But I can only get the IsoSurface *.stl Format outout file using vtkMarchingCubes Class.

The source code is:
    vtkMarchingCubes *iso=vtkMarchingCubes::New();

How can I get the Solid *.STL Format output file?
* Best Regards
* Yan Rian (Research Student) 
* Email : ps7278514b at ntu.edu.sg
* Lab : AMRC Research Centre 
* Nanyang Technological University 
* Singapore 

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