[vtkusers] smoothing an isosurf

Bill Lorensen wlorens1 at nycap.rr.com
Sat Jun 29 08:15:15 EDT 2002

Try WindowedSincPolyDataFilter (sp?). It is superior to SmoothPolyData.


At 04:25 PM 6/28/02 -0500, Randy Heiland wrote:
>I have an isosurface that's basically half a donut, but has tiny, sharp feature
>edges that I'd like to smooth out.  I've tried the vtkSmoothPolyDataFilter on
>it, but am still not satisfied.  I've attached a couple of images to
>demonstrate.  What other options would people suggest?  (I also tried
>decimating the smoothed filter results, but still no joy).
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