[vtkusers] Continuing problems

James C. Robinson j.robinson at kepler.ie
Thu Jun 27 07:43:23 EDT 2002

Dear All,

My problems continue – hopefully it is something stupid that I am doing and
there will be a simple solution


Firstly, I still can’t create a set of static libraries for version 4.0. If
anybody has a set compiled for win32 and MS C++ V6 they would be greatly
appreciated (as well as instructions on how I might compile them myself). I
have noticed that the CMake application doesn’t seem to set the flags
(#define s) correctly for the options that I choose. That’s a bad start when
trying to achieve the desired goal.

Next, I have an application that has a vtk 3.2 mfc doc/view window. It works
perfectly on my laptop (Win 98, PIII 750MHz, 256Mb RAM) but crashes on a
different PC (Win 2000, PIV 1.5 GHz, 256MB RAM) when the vtk window is

Interestingly enough, I am having a similar problem on the laptop with the
vtk 4.0 compiled version, except that it crashes when the vtk window is
closed. Effectively, I can open the window and view everything (all actors
etc.) but when I close the window I get a crash. Even more interestingly, if
I create all the vtk objects and actors, but DON’T make them visible, I don’
t get any crash?????

I would appreciate all constructive advice/comments/criticism.

Many thanks (in advance),



Dr. James C. Robinson, BE,MEngSc,PhD,CEng,MIEI,
Kepler Engineering Software Ltd.,
42 Rivergrove,
Glanmire, Co. Cork,

Tel:         +353-21-4822028
Tel:         +353-87-2393010
Fax:        +353-21-4822721
E-mail:     j.robinson at kepler.ie

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