[vtkusers] CVS bug??

Charlie H. Chang charlie.chang at nchc.gov.tw
Mon Jun 24 23:14:59 EDT 2002

Hi there,
I just downloaded the CVS tree last night and re-built VTK on win2000 sp2.
The compiling process went well and completed successfully, but when I
to compile the examples I couldn't get any of them working.
The Tcl examples were ok though.
Have I done something wrong? Or it's a bug?
The following is the error message:
D:\opt\VTK\Examples\Rendering\Cxx\Cylinder.cxx(48) : error C2027: use of
undefined type 'vtkProperty'
D:\opt\VTK\Rendering\vtkActor.h(42) : see declaration of 'vtkProperty'
D:\opt\VTK\Examples\Rendering\Cxx\Cylinder.cxx(48) : error C2227: left
of '->SetColor' must point to class/struct/union
D:\opt\VTK\Examples\Rendering\Cxx\Cylinder.cxx(71) : error C2027: use of
undefined type 'vtkCamera'
D:\opt\VTK\Rendering\vtkRenderer.h(51) : see declaration of 'vtkCamera'
D:\opt\VTK\Examples\Rendering\Cxx\Cylinder.cxx(71) : error C2227: left
of '->Zoom' must point to class/struct/union
Error executing cl.exe.

Cylinder.exe - 4 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Thank you in advance!

Charlie H. Chang, Software Development Group
National Center for High-performance Computing
T: 1-886-3-5776085x362
E: charlie.chang at nchc.gov.tw
W: www.nchc.gov.tw

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