[vtkusers] kind help?

shen CADCAMadmin at asu.edu
Mon Jun 24 14:03:23 EDT 2002

Hello! there,
i am new in this group. i appreiciate any help from you guys.
Could anybody tell me the project settings and system environment
varaible settings for using MS VC++ together with VTK4.0? i got an
example from the web to create a sphere. But when i compile within MS
VC++, it says cannot open "vtkConfigure.h", which is in the include file
i am working on w2k machines.
Thanks  a lot.


Zhengshu Shen
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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Tempe AZ 85287-6106
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Email: Zhengshu.Shen at asu.edu

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