[vtkusers] adding libs (was vtkStreamer and vtkFunctionSet)

Randy Heiland heiland at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Jun 21 10:51:18 EDT 2002

I don't exactly follow these arguments.  Specifically, I don't see the issue
with providing a CMake boolean for using HDF.  Just as, when we build VTK w/
parallel w/ MPI, the user is responsible for building/providing the MPI lib,
why can't the same be true for HDF (or whatever)?

Surely Kitware doesn't verify that all flavors of MPI work on all platforms.


On Jun 21, 10:25am, Andy Cedilnik wrote:
> Subject: Re: [vtkusers] vtkStreamer and vtkFunctionSet
> Also libraries such as HDF5 are problematic for several reasons. An
> example is the way they do memory management. Purify always detect
> memory leaks even though they are not actual leaks. Another major
> drawback of including HDF5 and NetCDF is that every time we include
> another library in VTK, somebody has to port it to CMake, make it work
> on all platforms, maintain the compatibility with new versions, etc. The
> CMake 1.4 will solve the problem of linking libraries to your projects,
> but the libraries will have to be present for all projects even for
> those who do not use HDF5 and NetCDF.
> 			Andy
> On Fri, 2002-06-21 at 08:27, Berk Geveci wrote:
> > Oh, did I not mention that we are working on a new (XML based) file
> > format ? :-) This doesn't mean that VTK shouldn't support HDF and
> > netCDF. I believe it should. We have experimented with both and
> > have some readers for specific versions of both. The main problem is
> > that they are very general and require additional information describing
> > which arrays correspond to geometry, which to data etc. Also, netCDF and
> > HDF readers would require additional libraries since we don't want
> > to distribute the libaries with VTK.
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