[vtkusers] TEXT (HELP)!

Giancarlo Amati amati at ira.cnr.it
Fri Jun 21 06:11:32 EDT 2002

Hello Mino,

you have to use the following classes:

vtkTextSource tx
	tx SetText "TESTO"

vtkPolyDataMapper mp
	mp SetInput [tx GetOutput]

vtkFollower act
	act SetMapper mp
	act SetCamera [CAMERA]

	act SetPosition x y z

in this way you create a Text that is a poly data and you can see the text 
from every point of view of the camera.


On Fri, 21 Jun 2002 vtk at le.isac.cnr.it wrote:

> hello!  
> I work with vtk 4.0, tcl/tk on linux workstation.
> how I can make in order to insert a text that is not 2d, but is legacy to the images? 
> I want that the text wheels with the images!  
> thancks!!!  MINO
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