[vtkusers] Microsoft Visual Studio .NET C++ MFC Example

Chris Boehnen cboehnen at nd.edu
Thu Jun 20 18:51:56 EDT 2002

Hi All,
            I'm trying to put together a simple viewer from scratch
using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET's C++ MFC.  I'm a new user to VTK and
am a little confused on the basic setup of doing this to get me started.
This is not an option in CMake (that I have been able to find) and after
looking at the sample MFC as a win32 GUI I'm unsure of how to link all
the files in myself.  Do I need to have CMake create the starting
project to open for me, or do I need to start a new project in MSV C++
and then try and link the files I've compiled (VTK Files) in myself?
Any hints on how to move this along would be greatly appreciated.
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