[vtkusers] Unresolved externals due to vtkObjectBase

Sebastien BARRE sebastien.barre at kitware.com
Wed Jun 19 12:56:14 EDT 2002

At 6/19/2002 11:28 AM, Dean Inglis wrote:
>I just figured that vtk 4 isn't compiling vtkObjectBase on Proximal.CRU
>(Win2k, Borland)
>due to a fail during the link for the freetype lib work in progress.
>Turbo Incremental Link 5.00 Copyright (c) 1997, 2000 Borland
>Fatal: Unable to open file 'GLU32.LIB'

Just set

The reason it is failing is that the CMake *release* set it wrong.
You won't have any problem with the CVS, or the next release (coming soon)

Or set
VTK_USE_FREETYPE to OFF, since you do not need it for the moment. But do 
not set it to OFF for your dashboard build, I need it to test.

Sebastien Barre

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