[vtkusers] why vtkQuartzImageWindow.c has disappeared

Yves Starreveld ystarrev at uwo.ca
Mon Jun 17 10:42:28 EDT 2002

The Quartz classes were replaced with Carbon and Cocoa classes, since 
these are the names of the two different APIs to the Quartz Window 
Manager. I recommend building with the Carbon classes (option is set as 
default in CMakeCache.txt) since (currently) its integration with 
Apple's agl is better, so that fonts can be used in OpenGL graphics 
context using the aglUseFont call rather than using some CoreGraphics 

Also, the Carbon API is accessible from C/C++ without needing to include 
ObjC calls, so the new files are .cxx files rather than .mm

On Monday, June 17, 2002, at 10:35 AM, Daniel Sáez Domingo wrote:

> Hello, I once built VTK on a MAC OSX whith only quartz. Some features 
> with
> Java doesn't function.
> Now, I have download the Nightly SRC but I have find that
> vtkQuartzImageWindow (.h .cxx) files don't appear in this version. Why?
> Thanks.
> Daniel Saez
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