[vtkusers] Linking problem on Cygwin

"Masahiro TATSUMI (巽 雅洋)" tatsumi at nfi.co.jp
Thu Jun 13 20:39:01 EDT 2002


I'm trying to compile the CVS version of vtk on the latest cygwin
(1.3.10) to obtain a executable for Python (i.e. vtkpython).

When linking libvtkImaging.dll, I got huge numbers of "undefined
reference" error to vtkImageIterator<type>::NextSpan(void) and

It seems that vtkImageIterator.o and vtkImageProgressIterator.o is in
libvtkCommon.dll.a with some text codes for NextSpan(void) and it would
be linked to generate libvtkImaging.dll. Thus it looks very strange and
is ununderstandable for me.

Does anyone know this problem?

P.S. On linux, I could build vtypython without any problem.

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