[vtkusers] Clipping plane transformation

Benjamin King king at stud.uni-hannover.de
Thu Jun 13 13:13:53 EDT 2002


The follwing code demonstrates a problem I had with clipping

package require vtk

vtkTkRenderWidget .rw
pack .rw -expand yes -fill both

vtkRenderer renderer
[.rw GetRenderWindow] AddRenderer renderer

vtkPlane plane
vtkTransform transform
   plane SetTransform transform
vtkSampleFunction sample
   sample SetImplicitFunction plane
   sample SetSampleDimensions 2 2 2
vtkContourFilter contour
   contour SetInput [sample GetOutput]
   contour SetValue 0 0.0
vtkPolyDataMapper planemapper
   planemapper SetInput [contour GetOutput]
vtkActor planeactor
   planeactor SetMapper planemapper

vtkCubeSource cube
vtkPolyDataMapper cubemapper
   cubemapper SetInput [cube GetOutput]
   cubemapper AddClippingPlane plane
vtkActor cubeactor
   cubeactor SetMapper cubemapper

renderer AddActor planeactor
renderer AddActor cubeactor

[renderer GetActiveCamera] Azimuth 127

while 1 {
   transform RotateX 1
## even uncommenting the following two lines doesn't help
#cubemapper RemoveAllClippingPlanes
#cubemapper AddClippingPlane plane
   .rw Render

The clipping plane isn't transformed like the version that is
mapped with planemapper. Is this a bug?

Using the plane's SetNormal method is a workaround for this.


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