[vtkusers] Segmentation Faults

Jim Reigle jreigle at concentric.net
Wed Jun 12 16:53:26 EDT 2002

Hello Fellow VTK Users:

I'm new to VTK and am working through the examples in the VTK User's Guide.  I'm a C++ programmer, so I'm translating the examples in the book from Tcl to C++.  The cylinder example (procedural source object 4.1) worked fine, so I know the basic setup of VTK is OK.  The next example, CADPart, in which a data file is read instead of generating the data, however, crashes while running with the error: "Segmentation Fault".  Using the debugger, I pinpointed the crash to the vtkSTLReader::SetFileName() call.  If anyone knows the cause I would appreciate your help.

Second, I inserted a vtkShrinkPolyData filter into the Cylinder example, since I could not get the CADPart example to work.  The return type for vtkCylinderSource::GetOutput() matches the input type for vtkShrinkPolyData::SetInput(), so I though it would work, however I get a "Segmentation Fault" again at the vtkShrinkPolyData::SetInput() call.  Any answers?

Thank you.

Jim Reigle  
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