[vtkusers] looking for a 3D plotting example (tcl)

Ben Sapp bsapp at lanl.gov
Mon Jun 10 19:10:36 EDT 2002

Hi Michael, 

The attached c++ file is modifed from a tcl file and it creates a helix.   It 
also creates a box around the helix.  It's a bit sloppy because it was just a 
learning exercise for myself.  

The functional form in cartesian coordinates is: 
z -> goes from 1 to 5;  
x = cos(2.0*M_PI*z);
y = sin(2.0*M_PI*z);

Good luck, 

On Monday 10 June 2002 05:26 pm, Michael Norton wrote:
> hi,
> I have seen the expcos.tcl for the bessel function. Does anyone have an
> example of a simple straight forward plot of r- sin(theta) or r =
> cos(theta) or something simple like that?
> thanks,
> Mike
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