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alexandre gouaillard alexandre.gouaillard at insa-lyon.fr
Fri Jun 7 07:48:52 EDT 2002

hi everyone,

I've made a little script in tcl to demonstrate a remeshing process. I
vizualize The original mesh, the final mesh, and several harmonic maps I
used during the process in differents viewports.

My problem is : I 'd like to interact with the two meshes in the usual way,
but I'd like the harmonic maps to stand still.

does anyone knows how to do it ?


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> At 01:32 PM 6/7/2002 +0200, Frederic Huguet wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I use a vtkPlaneSource and MFC to create a cutting plane on a 3D object.
> >But I need to get the normal of this plane in real time. There is no
> >function GetNormal, so How could I compute the normal vector to the
> >plane ? I thought vtkPlaneWidget was useful but I can't integrate it to
> >my MFC Interface. Is there any way to find the normal ?
>  From vtkPlaneSource.h:
>   vtkGetVectorMacro(Normal,float,3);
> Which expands into GetNormal(). See Common/vtkSetGet.h for details on that
> macro.
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