[vtkusers] compiling my own classes for use with vtk classes

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Thu Jun 6 13:16:50 EDT 2002

Many Thanks to all the good folks who replied to my
previous queries. 
I have one more question - I have a couple of my own
classes that I want to use along with the the classes
in vtk for my application. 

For example, I have a node class that I would like to
initialise with the help of the vtkStructuredGrid
functions in my main program. 

I want to know how to go about compiling this class
along with the other classes in vtk so that I dont get
"unknown variable" and other errors when I run the
main program. 
to which directory should I add my classes ?
how should I tell my program to find and compile these
classes ?
Can anyone please guide me as to how to do this ?

Thanks in advance for any help .



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