[vtkusers] VTK 4.0 + Tcl (born-again newbie)

Ron Inbar ron at mediguide.co.il
Wed Jun 5 12:11:19 EDT 2002


I used VTK 3.1 until about a year ago and haven't used it recently.  Now I'm
trying to upgrade to VTK 4.0.
First I installed the pre-compiled binaries for Windows.  They worked
nicely, but I didn't have support for my VolumePro 500 card.
Next, I configured CMake with the necessary variables
(VLI_INCLUDE_PATH_FOR_VG500 and VLI_LIBRARY_FOR_VG500) and re-compiled from
the sources.  The compilation seemed to go through just fine.
At this point I got stuck.  I understand that vtkdll.dll and vtktcl.dll are
no longer generated or loaded by Tcl.  Instead, if I'm not mistaken, you use
Tcl's package mechanism.  What I couldn't figure out is: which files need to
be loaded by Tcl and how do I get Tcl to load these files rather than the
ones in the pre-compiled installation?

Thanks in advance,


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