[vtkusers] Performance with NVidia GForce

Alexander Trum a.trum at teraport.de
Tue Jun 4 16:27:08 EDT 2002


We are now evaluating Kitware's GoFly on following machine:

AMD Athlon 800 MHz
640 MB RAM
Windows NT 4.0
NVidia GForce4 MX440 64MB DDR
NVidia Treiber V28.80

The ViewPerf tests on this machine can render round about 3 millions of
triangles per second.
With GoFly only 0.6 millions of triangles per second are rendered.

As far as i know GoFly based on VTK. Does VTK use software rendering
instead of hardware rendering?
Or is this a problem of Tcl/Tk?

Thanks a lot in advance,
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