[vtkusers] help need to compile Cone.java

Fernando Rannou rannou at mednet.ucla.edu
Tue Jun 4 13:13:14 EDT 2002


When I try to compile  $VTKHOME/Examples/Tutorial/Step1/Java/Cone.java
I get the following error message:

Cone.java:9: package vtk does not exist
import vtk.*;
Cone.java:31: cannot access vtkConeSource
bad class file: /home/rannou/VTK/Java/vtkConeSource.class
class file contains wrong class: vtk.vtkConeSource
Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the
    vtkConeSource cone = new vtkConeSource();
2 errors

My Java classes are under $VTKHOME/Java
I created a vtk.jar and put it there. Then I set

I also tried:

javac -classpath $VTKHOME/Java Cone.java
javac -classpath $VTKHOME/Java/vtk.jar Cone.java

and I got the same error.

Any ideas?
Thanks  lot

Fernando Rannou
Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging,
UCLA School of Medicine

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