[vtkusers] [newbie] Some Java port questions

christophe.avare at free.fr christophe.avare at free.fr
Mon Jun 3 16:31:47 EDT 2002

Hello everybody,
I started playing with VTK last week and it sounds really great!

I am mostly interested in the Java language binding, and picking around the
mailing I didn't find informations about the following topics:

- Java seems to be the "poor man" binding in the Vtk family as there is much
more useful examples in C++, Tcl & Python.
[Q] Is there another download with more java examples available ?

- The package naming convention do not follow the implicit rules (like
org.vtk.*, com.kitware.*, ...)
- The method naming convention is also different (starts with uppercase
instead of capitals)
- I understand that most of the binding it autogenerated
[Q] Is there a plan to make the vtk packages more "Java compliant"?
[Q] What is the benefit of the additional method indirection for the native
calls, like in the following code:
    private native vtkDataSet GetInput_4();
    public vtkDataSet GetInput() { return GetInput_4(); }

Anyway, for the moment, I go back to my C++ lessons since all the
nitty-gritty of Vtk should be found in thoses libraries.

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