[vtkusers] Not a problem of a white background --- its a problem of renderer window resizing in OnUpdate

João Filipe de Castro Ferreira jfilipe at isr.uc.pt
Mon Jun 3 11:11:28 EDT 2002

I tried your solutions out, just to make sure, but, as I suspected, it
didn't work any better than my efforts: I guess I wasn't clear on my email's
subject. Sorry!

The problem is: I *do* get the background to be white, I *haven't* managed
to get the renderer window to completely resize itself along with an
enlargement of the main frame (for example, when I maximize my app). With a
black background, it doesn't show, since the window's default background
seems to be black (I suspect because of the underlying OpenGL rendering),
but with the white background it becomes quite clear --- the renderer window
(and its white background) seems to occupy 90% of the whole frame.

Please help!,

João Ferreira

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