[vtkusers] Actor Mode/Camera Mode

Pan, Tony C (Research) tpan at crd.ge.com
Mon Jun 3 10:50:32 EDT 2002

When you select an actor in actor mode, does VTK create an outline actor?


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Dear Sebastien,

  I am using  "vtk 4.0". Should I install VTK 4.1.1?



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>At 6/3/2002 10:20 AM, Andres Barrera wrote:
>>Dear VTK list,
>>  There is something I don't know why it is happenings:
>>  - I add (N) actors to my Renderer, and I have (N) for
>>     "int NofActors = renGeneral->GetActors()->GetNumberOfItems();"
>>  - Then I change from "Camera" mode to "Actor" mode, and the I go back to
>>"Camera" mode. Now,  "NofActors" is (N+1) (?!). (I would expect N...)
>I could not reproduce the pb (VTK 4.1.1 CVS)
>Sebastien Barre

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