[vtkusers] Setting different background colour for renderer using MFC demo

João Filipe de Castro Ferreira jfilipe at isr.uc.pt
Mon Jun 3 10:36:57 EDT 2002

Cheers everybody,

I would like to implement "this->Renderer->SetBackground(255, 255, 255);" on
my MFC demo but I haven't been able get it working properly.

The best I could do was to put it on the OnUpdate method of my CSampleView
class; this did make the background seem white as I wanted it for a while,
but as soon as I enlarge the window frame (for example, by maximizing the
window), the white background shows up covering a limited area of the
default black background.

I suspect that the solution is simple and that I am being a bit of an idiot,
but my time is short and I have much more programming to do.

Please help!,

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