[vtkusers] Linking wih X ?

Nils H. Busch nilsb at cns.mpg.de
Fri Sep 28 09:22:00 EDT 2001


I have just downloaded and compiled vtk version 3.2 . That worked fine.
I have written  a small app to extract isosurfaces reading from file and
writing to file the polydata output.. There is no graphics i/o involved.

Strangely, the linker complains about undefined symbols : XtString,
XtShellStrings,  applicationShellWidgetClass in libVTKGraphics.so when
linking my app, not when trying to link libVTKGraphics.so. I have tried
building vtk with and without X (still compiles the X related stuff)
with the same result.
When link with Xt in my app, everything works fine, however, I don't
especially like linking with the X libs for an app that should not need
any window manager/graphics i/o.
Does anyone know how to fix this ?


 Best regards,
                                         Nils H. Busch

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