[vtkusers] python15.dll???

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Thu Sep 27 09:29:13 EDT 2001


>>>>> "MdPA" == Marcelo de Pierre Amati <marcelo.amati at iti.gov.br> writes:

    MdPA>     Hi, I' ve tried to install VTK (version 3.2) in the
    MdPA> Windows 2000 to run with python (version 2.2a2) without
    MdPA> success. When I try to import the module "vtkpython" I
    MdPA> receive a message that it needs the file "python15.dll"
    MdPA> . This file doesn't exist in the filesystem. What can I do
    MdPA> to solve this problem?

This means the DLL you have was compiled for Python 1.5.x and you dont
have it installed.  AFAIK, you have three options,

     (1) Go to http://folks.astrian.net/godzilla download the DLLs for
     VTK and try if these work out.

     (2) Build the VTK DLL's from source for your version of Python.

     (3) Downgrade your Python installation to 1.5.2 and use the DLL
     you have.


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