[vtkusers] activeX control

Gopalakrishnan, Gowri Gowri.Gopalakrishnan at inteq.com
Thu Sep 27 06:50:02 EDT 2001


I recently created an activeX control for vtk (no i did not use the
commercial vtk software)
Rendering, mouse action every thing works fine except the e key to exit the
vtk screen
and the top right cross also to exit the screen. 
Basically i am not able to exit from vtk at all.
However if I test my activeX control in the debug mode using the test
container and if I press
e or the cross twice (pressing once gives no effect) then i quit the
application properly.
Could anyone tell me if it is a problem with my activeX control or is it a
problem with vtk?.

Would appreciate any help on this topic .....

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