[vtkusers] Inside/Outside test in vtkOBBTree

Carlos Martinez Burgos cmarbur at iti.upv.es
Tue Sep 25 07:48:24 EDT 2001


Some days ago I asked to you if is there a method to test if a point is
inside a closed polydata. Somebody answered that is there a new method in
the vtkOBBTree class to test it.

I have tried to build the OBB Tree but I can't get good results. It
sometimes works and sometimes not. I first build the OBB Tree and after I
generate its representation. I don't get always a representation.

I have tried to change the OBBTree parameters like max level and tolerance
but no changes. I use this code (in Java):

obbTree=new vtkOBBTree();

obb=new vtkPolyData();

obbMapper=new vtkPolyDataMapper();

obbActor=new vtkActor();

I don't know if my mistake is in the code or in the data used. I use
polydatas of few triangles, most times simply tetrahedrons. Could this be
a problem?

Furthermore I want to check if the polydata used is a closed polydata
because I'm not sure. Is there a method or a class in VTK to do this?

Do you think another method to test if a point is inside a closed

Thanks and sorry for my language mistakes.

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