[vtkusers] embedding a tcl console in your vtk app

John Biddiscombe jbiddiscombe at skippingmouse.co.uk
Mon Sep 24 15:24:38 EDT 2001

Does anyone know of an easy way to embed a tcl interpreter console inside a 
gui written in C++. I've done a fairly crude one and it is a bit of a pain 
having to capture stdout and stderr etc and make it all work nicely. Many 
people must have been down this path before using tcl, but being not much 
of a tcl whizz I'm not sure where is a good place to look for clues. Is 
there anything built into tcl/tk that can be attached to a gui easily? (or 
can anyone point to a demo anywhere)


[I asked the tcl newsgroup this and got no replies, Incidentally, can you 
do anything similar with python?]

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