[vtkusers] vtkXRenderWindowTclInteractor.h and Win32

Greg Slabaugh slabaugh at ece.gatech.edu
Mon Sep 24 13:26:46 EDT 2001


I am a new user of the VTK.  I am porting a program written in Unix to
Win32.  The program uses TCL/TK.  

I've hit a bit of a snag.  The program includes a file
vtkXRenderWindowTclInteractor.h.  I can find this file in the
distribution that I have downloaded.  However, I can't seem to find a
similar .h file for the Windows platform.  I was hoping to see a file
"vtkWin32RenderWindowTclInteractor.h" or something like that but

Does anyone have any suggestions?


| Greg Slabaugh
| Graduate Student, Center for Signal and Image Processing at Georgia Tech
| Home page:  http://www.ece.gatech.edu/users/slabaugh

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