[vtkusers] Volume mapper - VTK3.1.2

carlospenedo at bol.com.br carlospenedo at bol.com.br
Mon Sep 24 09:21:39 EDT 2001

I made a VolumeMapper class and inherited it from 
vtkVolumeMapper in VTK 2.3.
I am trying to update VolumeMapper to VTK 3.1.2 but I 
am having a few problems.
I created a Render() method in my VolumeMapper class 
and, when I use VTK 3.1.2, this method does not seem to 
be called.
In VTK 2.3 there was a method named UpdateVolumes() 
from vtkRenderer class. This method was responsible for 
calling Render() from vtkRayCaster, which in its turn 
responsible for calling my Render() method.
Since UpdateVolumes() no longer exists in VTK 3.1.2,
I wonder how I could get the Render() method to work.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion. 


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