[vtkusers] volume and actors opacity

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Fri Sep 21 15:31:58 EDT 2001

Edi, see the message below from Lisa Avila...this problem has been fixed....john

<<I try to use in the same renderer, a volume and one actor.
The volume is rendered by adding 3 vtkVolumeTextureMappers to a vtkLOD, and
than this Lod to the renderer. The actor has an opacity of 0.1
If the volume is added to the renderer, even if it is not visible, the actor
is opaque.>>>

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Hello Jianlong,

I fixed this problem - it was the same one as with the VolumePro and the
volume texture mapper. Let me know if you are still having problems with a
current release.


At 12:03 PM 9/13/2001, Jianlong Zhou wrote:
>Hi, all,
>I also have a problem as Jiro stated of actor not display transparent
>when adding volume. But I use vtkVolumeRayCastMapper. Does
>anyone know how to solve this problem? I use vtk3.2.
>Thank you in advance.
> > Hello Jiro,
> >
> > Yes - the VolumePro mapper (and the volume texture mapper and volume ray
> > cast mapper) all were trashing the OpenGL state by disabling blending. I
> > fixed this and just checked it in. You can simply remove the
> enable/disable
> > calls from vtkOpenGLVolumeProVG500Mapper if you don't want to update.
> >
> > Lisa
> >
> >
> >
> > At 11:28 AM 9/10/2001, Jiro Inoue wrote:
> > >Hi,
> > >I have multiple vtkActors and vtkVolumes set as inputs to a single
> > >vtkRenderer. I'm using volumepro 500 hardware with the vtkVolumeProMapper
> > >for my volumes and vtkPolyDataMapper for the actors. My problem is that my
> > >actors have transparency (opacity of 0.2), which works fine until I
> > >introduce a volume into the scene. As soon as the volume is placed in the
> > >scene, all of my actors become fully opaque - the volume on the other hand
> > >maintains the correct opacity characteristics.
> > >Has anybody else seen this? Any insights?
> > >
> > >Thanks,
> > >Jiro

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