[vtkusers] building vtk on AIX with python

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu at aero.iitm.ernet.in
Fri Sep 21 00:13:39 EDT 2001


>>>>> "AC" == Alvaro Caceres <acaceres at midway.uchicago.edu> writes:

    AC> Hi, I'm trying to build vtk on AIX, with the python
    AC> bindings. Has this worked for anyone? Ideally I'd like to have
    AC> the vtk python modules dynamically loaded, but statically
    AC> linking them into python is fine too. So far it's unpleasant,
    AC> if there are any success stories I'd love to hear what
    AC> compiler/flags/hacks were used. Thanks in advance,

Go here:


and search for 'AIX' in the second search form - there are a lot of
hits.  Maybe useful.


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