[vtkusers] Joining two images

David Pont david_pont at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 17 23:11:48 EDT 2001

Hi all,
  I want to join two images which must be translated and rotated to be 
aligned. My pipeline begins (one per image):

  vtkReslice     - SetOutputOrigin = translate
    vtkTransform - RotateWXYZ      = rotate

Then for each image I do:
to get the new extent of the images, generally increased due to rotation. I 
obtain the outer extent for the two images.

The pipeline continues:

  vtkConstantPad->SetOutputWholeExtent();   with the outer extent

  vtkImageAppend - SetAppendAxis( 2 );  here the twin pipeline meets
  vtkTIFFWriter  - SetDimensionality( 2 );

But all I get out is a completely black image, although of a plausable size.

  Any clues ? I have done quite a bit of vtk but never any vtkImage stuff.

    Dave Pont

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