[vtkusers] vtkPicker-Problems

Ahmet Tokalak tokalak at lycos.de
Sat Sep 15 14:50:30 EDT 2001


I am using vtk3.2-Java-Bindings under Linux.

I have defined a PolyData-Set and at each point i inserted a
3DGlyph (using vtkProgrammabelGlyphFilter).
I have inherited from vtkPanel and overwritten the
mousePressed() method. It looks like this: 

 public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e)
 vtkPointPicker picker = new vtkPointPicker();
Integer(e.getX()).doubleValue(), new
Integer(e.getY()).doubleValue(), 0.0, this.ren);
 int pickedPointId = picker.GetPointId();

My problem is the following: 

How can i know if the the user clicked on a point defined by
my PolyData-Set or if he clicked on an object inserted at a
point of my PolyData-Set. Can i do this using the returned
pointid, if yes how ?

How can i get the id's of any point defined by PolyData or
of the inserted objects ? 

Please help me 

Sorry for my poor english. ;-)

Ahmet Tokalak
University Bielefeld
Technical Faculty
Computer Science
NeuroInformatics Group
Email gratis - Lycos - http://www.lycos.de

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