[vtkusers] vtkLoopSubdivisionFilter problem

Charlie H. Chang charlie.chang at nchc.gov.tw
Tue Sep 11 21:26:43 EDT 2001

I am encounting a problem when using vtkLoopSubdivisionFilter,
my program core-dumps with message :
  numCellInLoop < 1: 0
But when I set the subdivision number to 0, it is OK.
There are five actors in my app. Three of them work well, 
while two of them will give me core dump when Subdivision
number is set to numbers greater than 0.
Any idea how to debug this problem?
Thank you in advance!

Charlie H. Chang charlie.chang at nchc.gov.tw
Software Development Group
National Center for High-performance Computing
Tel: +886-3-5776085 x362;  Fax: +886-3-3538

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