[vtkusers] vtk limitations

Neculai Archip neculai.archip at memot.unibe.ch
Mon Sep 10 11:39:51 EDT 2001


I'm working on a visualization problem (triangulation of the surface) of skull obtained from contours in parallel slices.  So I have to deal with very complicated structures and also with a big quantity of points/triangles/tetrahedra (more than 10 000 points).

I've tried to use Delaunay 3D already implemented, but it seems that it works just for simple cases. Also constrained Delaunay 2D  for complicated cases doesn't work anymore. I don't know neither if the class vtkUnstructuredGrid has also some limits concerning the number of points/cells.

Based on your experience, could you tell me please if the algorithms implemented in vtk are robust enough for the kind of problem I have? Do the data structures implemented such as vtkUnstructuredGrid could be used with success?

thank you for your opinions,

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